I am currently on 400 mg of bupropion, 50mg of sertraline (zoloft), and 25 mg of lamotrigine. I have an upcoming appointment and was wondering if you guys had great success with other medications or amounts? my psych plans on reducing zoloft and increasing lamotrigine. i’ve been very forgetful and not focused. I think I have ADHD but they won’t diagnose it yet.





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  • wishbone11


    if you have anxiety, buspirone has helped me tremendously and doesn’t have too intense of side effects if you get any at all! i actually think it’s the medication i’ve been on the longest now, and i’ve recommended it to someone else who it has also worked great for :)

    • Yuka


      Have hou ever drank 🍸alcohol while being on Buspirone? What dosage of Buspirone are you on, how much alcohol did you drink, and what happened?

      • wishbone11


        i do drink, i just find myself getting drunk quicker. my dosage is 150 mg i think

  • wishbone11


    i take it along with bupropion and lamotrigine

    • julietrau


      I do the same thing, except also with zoloft

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