Bc of my hypersexuality, I use masturbation to cope with any negative emotions. But it’s kinda gotten out of hand, I don’t know any other ways to cope with anything

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  • Hypochondriac


    Hey dear, don’t blame yourself for using masturbation as an escapism, many people do that. What do you mean that it’s getting out of hand? If it makes you feel bad maybe you should see a therapist or talk to a counsler

  • Foxface


    I had something similar. I quit cold turkey and did push ups whenever i got the urge

  • JohnnyGuitar


    I'm not sure what to tell you guys but sex is good when used correctly. Get a partner and keep it clean till marriage. Then you can go to town all you want because there's no guilt or shame in it at that point.

  • ato


    i feel the same way, it’s been taking up a lot of time in my day that can easily be used for productive things

  • KittyKatKuo


    Our brains are starved of that feel good hormone and when we get off things feel better overall. It's completely normal but you can substitute for intimate things with your partner, it's easier when your sexually fulfilled as it fills the tank for awhile. If it's getting out of hand you can talk to a therepist or even your partner. Me and my partner compromised that we do something at least once a week whether it's strongly sexual or more imma relax while fufilling these needs. I don't want to share too many details as I know minors come on here but I'd be happy to give more suggestions in pm if interested. Sometimes it's good to vent

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