Hey! I’m Emily. I’ve had AVN since 2005, bilateral hip and knee replacements, also fell in 2019 and fractured my right femur, fell again in 2020 and broke my left femur which splintered into 7 pieces so I have a claw plate in the left leg. I’m also really bad at introductory stuff, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

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  • Hypochondriac


    Hey Emily I’m Matt. I broke my hip in a car accident, and suffered from AVN afterwards.

  • Emixander


    Hey, Matt. I’m very sorry to hear that. Are you doing ok now? Has it spread or was it just in the hip?

  • SuperB


    I broke my right (hip) femoral neck while bowling. At age 42, my Dr repaired it with hardware rather a full replacement. I had been gingerly getting g around on it for a couple of weeks thinking I had pulled a hamstring muscle. The consequence of this was damage to both ends of the break causing AVN in that area It required a second surgery about a year later to add another screw/plate and do a bone-graft. The AVN is still in that area but it has not spread from the original injury but my Dr is now recommending a total hip replacement which I will consider when I am fully recovered from the Reverse Shoulder replacement

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