How do you all manage feeling ill, fatigued and tired, and in pain sometimes. It’s so overwhelming and very upsetting because you feel like you can barely move some days compared to what you were able to used to do.

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  • Micah


    Attitude honestly is half the battle. Believe it or not, hot baths and yoga for pain. Eating healthy for good energy. Are you on a vitamin patch? I hate taking vitamins, but vitamin patches have saved my life. I feel so much better. Have your thyroid checked. Ask for a full thyroid panel. Most drs only do a basic thyroid panel. Which is not as conclusive. Your thyroid, when it’s not stable, can cause weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, and even body aches. There is medicine that can bring it back to a normal range, and you will feel better. If you find you are having thyroid issues, push for a referral to an Endocrinologist. They specialize in treating the thyroid. God bless you 🙏🏼

  • Maryshealth


    Hey Micah, Omg thank you for the comments and advice. I honestly have been taking immunity support vitamins for women by One-A-Day’s brand. Also, for the past two days I was very lethargic and tired and ended up going to the emergency room. I couldn’t go to work and had to get a doctor’s note anyway so I decided to go the ER route. It just so happened that my thyroid was abnormal and wasn’t balanced right. I was very fatigued, could barely walk, and very tired even after sleeping for over 12 hours that following night. Well, I honestly took two thyroid pills the next morning and started feeling better, but I definitely need to see an endocrinologist. I’ve just been having some issues with the insurance now and I’m not sure if the doctor will accept my insurance. Also, I’ve been having a hyperparathyroidism problem along with the hypothyroidism. That means I get kidney stones, have stiff joints and aches,I’m thirsty all the time, and feel very exhausted a lot as part of the symptoms. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do until I get in to see the endocrinologist, but I’m very worried bc of the kidney stones. It has caused me trouble emptying my bladder out completely and I constantly feel that I have to go pee to get it all out. Anyway, this is just a long story short. Thank you for your kindness and good advise. I will keep trying to get into see the doctor, but as for the symptoms go, I have really rough days sometimes. Anyway, have an amazing night and God bless you as well 🙏. You’re advice is greatly appreciated.

    • Micah


      please get you A1C checked as well to make sure you haven’t developed diabetes. Severe fatigue can be a sign of unbalanced blood sugar as well.

  • Maryshealth


    By the way, I have also gained some weight too bc I’m having trouble exercising due to lack of energy and I’m afraid I will miss work bc when I exercise I can barely make it without sitting down and I get so tired I may not be able to go to work the same day as a result. I really need to be making money to pay off my bills so risking not going to work is not an option.

  • Globug


    Me too!!

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