i've had irregular abdominal (either lower stomach or uterus, i can't tell) cramps for most of my life. for about a month, though, they've gotten far more intense and frequent. i've also been experiencing extreme fatigue, weakness, nausea, and throwing up. it's seriously impairing my ability to function normally. i'm in the process of a lot of tests, but as of now, all i've gotten back is that i'm negative for crohn's and celiac. could someone with chronic abdominal pain/sickness please share their advice or thoughts?

Abdominal Distention

Nausea and Vomiting

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  • AngelBby


    Does it lean to a certain side? Have you gotten any ultrasounds done?

    • tristanrm78


      it's a dull pain that covers my entire lower abdomen, no particular side. i have an ultrasound scheduled for this thursday

      • AngelBby


        I wish you luck! I was going to suggest appendix but since it isn't centered to a specific location I'm not too sure.

  • Kai1134


    If it's not your stomach or intestines(or anything related to that), I'd go to an obgyn and have them check you out. I've had similar symptoms and had horrible periods, turns out I had endometriosis(about stage 2 or 3)because of that and a few other reasons I had a hysterectomy at 23. When they do the ultrasound, if they go near your ovaries and find a cyst, I'd definitely see an obgyn because when you start to make them you'll do so off and on until you reach menopause

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