Does post transplant get easier? Everyone acted like it was a magic fix but it’s just been a cluster the only perk is I won’t die from CKD now. Do i have to live in fear of rejecting everyday for the rest of my life? every pain in my side or slight increase in my creatinine. I honestly felt better physcially and emotionally before I got this kidney. Now i hurt constsntly I am so stressed I can’t focus and no one will put me back on my hormones so I’m in menopause at 26!


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  • DaniBear


    depends on your match, if you got a living donor, how long post you are, and even age. all of these are factors into how well your transplant will do. i’m 5 months post and i feel the greatest i’ve ever felt in my life and definitely don’t live in fear. don’t know why they won’t let you have hormones, i’m 29 and i’m on birth control and it’s just fine. a lot of people don’t get their levels or meds settled until around a year post. if you’re super stressed you should definitely be talking to a therapist maybe, talking to someone can really help you work through your internal problems!

  • Westseid


    I completely understand, sometimes I feel as though not much has changed even though I have gotten a transplant. Trying to work and manage transplant care is a hassle. Still depressed and scared to live because of fear of my transplant failing.

  • ToeKnee


    You shouldn't worry about it but you will worry regardless. Just attend all your appointments and you'll do just fine. You'll have a groovy scar for your trouble just fallow your regimen provided to you by your transplant team.

  • ToeKnee


    It does get easier

  • Meeyah


    I agree with Toeknee it does get easier. For me it took almost one year. It does take time for all of the medications and your body to adjust. I also had a cluster around 6 months. Hang in there. I had serious depression due to all of this. I am currently celebrating my 10 year kidneversary. You can do it. Please reach.out if I can help at all or just to chat. Meeyah

    • AngelBane


      Thanks glad to know they can last that long stably. I got BK CMV and EBV infections raging right out of the gate. Then my tacrolymus was way too high because they only drop it by 1mg at a time. I just got on short term release so my body isnt trying to stockpile it as much at least that’s all stable. I just had my 1 year and they are very pleased but I am a wreck just waiting for the shoe to drop like it always has.

  • AshCash


    I can relate. My first transplant rejected and now have received a 2nd, the first time I had a cramp I thought the worst and honestly even now whenever I feel pain near the site I get anxious. It’s hard staying out if your own head sometime, but I know it’s not good to live in fear

  • ToeKnee


    I'm on my first transplant and I still get kidney pains all the time (even after they atrophied) but i get scared when I feel it in my transplant.

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