should i change my meds regularly? some of them my body has gotten used to and just doesn’t work anymore

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Mika15


    I wouldn't say change, but I'd definitely recommend talking to your doctor about it. They'll probably be a lot of help with that. I'm the same way, so every few months, give or take, I have to have my dosage increased. I think talking to your psychiatrist would really help :)

  • SpoonieZone


    I would discuss any changes with your doctor. I do know that personally, my body builds up a tolerance and I need to adjust my dosages and medications every so often. Which medications are you wanting to adjust?

  • Tinaja


    I would work with your Dr, maybe all you need is to adjust the dose. I meet with mine once a week and it took a while to get it right.

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