woke up this morning with a splitting headache, weak muscles, anxiety ridden, off balance, and super disoriented. fun times. anyone else get this?

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  • Lunarr


    Yeah, for sure! I call them bad symptom days, where my meds don't do anything to help me and I can hardly function. My bad symptom days happen maybe once or twice a month out of nowhere, not including flares from overworking myself, and usually include room spinning dizziness and extreme fatigue alongside headache/migraine, hot flashes, and brain fog. Awful, awful,, I usually need a day or two afterwards to recover back to "normal" as well which isn't that great either but ya know. I haven't found a way around it and usually just resort to laying down all day, staring at the wall, and trying not to cry so if you or anyone else has got any tips/advice I'm all ears lol Sorry you're going through that today, I hope you feel better soon!!

    • h0ney


      you are literally explaining my life rn omg🥲 but drinking a ton of water helps me out sometimes, i think the recommended is 2 cups in the span of a few minutes. i use salt packets too, (i usually chase it down with a juice or something bc it doesn't taste too good lol)

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