my anxiety manifests physically most days, and the symptoms really scare me. i get mild chest pain, my heart skips beats, i get dizzy, and when it’s really bad i feel like i’m going to pass out and it feels like electricity is being released from my heart skips. i’ve gotten tests done, i’ve seen a cardiologist and she told me that my heart is in perfect health. i’m on diazepam for anxiety, it takes a while to kick in for me. the breathing exercises my therapist told me to do work for like 5 seconds. i’m just having a hard time coping.

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  • Abender


    I totally feel you on this one. I’ve been dealing with the same symptoms. Do you deal with Panic attacks as well?

    • Keisha


      unfortunately, yes

      • Abender


        What are the best methods that you have found in the past that help you cope?

  • mavenfox


    Occupational therapy could help

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