Anyone have suggestions for how to deal with energy draining ppl? I still like them they just take a lot outta me

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder


Anxiety (Including GAD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Eren2273


    You could talk to them less

  • JustRachelle


    Make you’re unavailable until you want to be bothered.

  • FlowMage


    I’m still working on this too. I’m practicing setting boundaries for when to be with them. If I don’t have the energy, I try to cut things short, but man it’s still hard. I have a friend I love who probably also has ADHD and she talks my ear off. Still trying to figure out how to leave the conversation earlier before she moves onto another hyperfixation topic haha. I’ve found you have to be clear and concise about your needs

  • Nicoratboy


    My ex is like that

  • Bre19


    Honestly slowly make distance with them until they don't reach out at all or too much

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