Trigger warning: mention of SH

I have a SH wound on my leg from over a week ago that’s hardly healed and the skin is turning white and I don’t know what to do. It’s not even that deep so it should’ve healed more. I’ve been using wound wash and keeping it covered, and google says to keep it moist yet other sources say moisture is what’s making the skin white and prevents healing??? I don’t want to go to a doctor because it’s not deep enough to need stitches and I know they’re going to force me into a psych ward and I’d rather this get severely infected than ever go back there again. Please help me

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  • Torti


    Whiteness it because you’re keeping it moist, from what I can tell it sounds like it’s healing. You really only need to worry if it hurts ridiculously bad or is like oozing puss or something. I think just give it time and put bandaids over it until it scabs over

  • Emo_Enby_99


    It sounds like its fine right now, but treat it with neosporin or bactine and keep it bandaged. If it gets itchy it's good, that's healing. If it becomes warm to the touch, red, and/or starts oozing white/yellow fluid is when you should get help.

  • wildflower440


    I would give it some time to air out and dry out a bit. Sending love 💕

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