I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now almost going 2 years and at the start of our relationship I was 160 pounds and during the time in our relationship I had been going through a lot of stuff and large amounts of stress and anxiety. So I gained 20 pounds along the way of our relationship. He told me that he found me beautiful until he told me the truth tht I don’t make him feel like man and that I need to loose weight bc I’m getting fat and he says he’s telling me bc he cares about me and doesn’t want it to get worse but it makes me depressed and sad and I can barely eat bc of it now and I already had a past of horrible eating habits and now I’m going back into them.


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  • loveshespoke


    Ditch him. You may love him, but someone who loves you would never say something like that to you, especially when you're struggling. Better to go through it now than later when it'll hurt worse.

  • mimi777


    Ask him if he would be willing to work with you and help you set up some healthy meals. If he cares for you he is going to want to help you. And be patient with you on your rough days.

  • Dillybop


    Hopefully he didn’t say “you’re getting fat” I can understand if he’s concerned for your health but it doesn’t sound like he went about it the right way. Try not to worry about losing weight but creating healthier habits. Make sure you’re doing it for you and not for him. 💕

  • Riverrr


    You should never change yourself for somebody else, if you want to work out for yourself do it! But if you don't want to but are just for your partner it's not worth it. You will develop and unhealthy relationship with food and weight .

  • ZoomiYuumi


    Doesnt sound like hes concerned about your health. To me it sounds like he doesnt really love you as you are

  • pheronix


    Ugh this is a hard one but I personally say you don’t need negativity like that in your life. Taking care of yourself first, including your mental and emotional health, is so important. I had a partner once for four years that was a very different body type than myself who was also really addicted to porn, it ruined me and my relationship with food. If it was your best friend in a situation like this, would you want them to feel this way due to their partner?

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