Good morning! I find it excruciatingly difficult to lose weight as a Type 1 diabetic; I was hoping my recent return to a pump would help ( I can avoid dropping low when I eat less and exercise) . Instead, I ve gained. Then, I stress eat. Obviously the calories AND the stress are contributors to this cycle but I know SOMEONE has conquered this and I d love to hear how you did it,!

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  • Nimbus


    Exercising can help both with your health and with your diabetes. Are you doing any activity?

  • Nolin


    It is very hard with POTS but I do yoga and use my treadmill. It's easier to walk at home where I can stop and rest at anytime, or check my blood sugar or blood pressure when I feel I need to.

  • Sugarbear


    Still newish to using them, but off label glp -1 drugs have really helped with the appetite but they do have side effects and conquering insulin resistance

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