How do you manage on your worst days?

Generalized pain


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  • Yonna2588


    I fuck up and drink alcohol, then end the night crying it out alone. With some heartbreaking music. And I talk to my friend and therapist and counselor about it. And I go to work the next day like nothing ever happened. And repeat. And repeat.

  • opo


    I listen to music as much as possible, if it's not available then I'm in danger lol

  • Sali


    I usually end up staying in bed all day. I try to drink water and get at least one meal down, but mostly I just lay in bed with the lights off, cry, maybe read/watch a comfort show. I try to stop guilty thoughts before they get too far along.

  • JenniLeighG47


    I cry... Alot. I tend to just stay in bed and distract myself with little things like social media or games on my phone

  • CaptainHolmes


    I distract myself with phone games or favorite tv shows. Sleep can help. And taking care of your most basic needs. If I'm not safe to be alone I spend time with someone or keep someone on the phone to keep me company and distract me. I have also called or texted the hot line when needed.

  • Weds


    I remind myself over and over that I won’t be feeling suicidal the next day and if I can just get through 1 more hour, and then 1 more and so on. This helps me because I tend to have those feelings suddenly but they don’t last so long

    • Tanahtso


      damn I feel you. I need to get better at coping through pain. 🫂 we got this though 🙏

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