How do you prefer to manage your workload/chores in order to avoid distractions?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • tacobaco


    i have to basically put my phone on silent and same with my watch. I also have to be listening to music, nothing knew but atuff I listen to on repeat because then it won't distract me

  • maddyxavery


    I like to set a goal for myself everyday to do 1 task around the house. Weither it's taking out the trash, putting laundry away, loading the dishwasher, clearing off my nightstand, ect. I don't even hold myself to 100% finishing the task (loading dishwasher and putting it away. Or washing the laundry, drying it, and putting it away.) I have progressed alot by having this mentality. It is always ok to skip a day or two as well!

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