As y’all can see, I have been diagnosed with psoriasis at a very young age (at 12). It was bad for like a year but never got too extreme. Ever since then, it keeps coming and going (wrt to my lifestyle). But it never really was ‘cured’. The doctors did mention how it can never be cured, but it can be put in control with a change in lifestyle. I was on medication and light treatment for a year, later moved to Ayurveda (but this one had to be followed with a LOT of food restrictions) which I didn’t follow because I was a kid and I LOVED food. I wasn’t supposed to eat chocolate ;-; And I stopped Ayurveda after a year. I must say that the results were good, but I didn’t have the motivation.
After going off of meds completely, psoriasis was at bay for a long time, until the pandemic.

I feel super insecure to wear regular t shirts, because it majorly flares on my elbows :/ I’m here to find motivation to deal with this.


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