Hi I’m suria, I’m 29 and live in nyc. I can really use irl friends and support. I came out of a relationship with a person I assumed would be my “forever” person. Enjoying life has been nothing but dull since. I feel empty and hopeless about anyone caring about me or wanting me in their life, platonic or romantically. If anyone would like a friend, I am here. A little bit more about me: I’m a social worker and artist. I appreciate any type of art and also enjoy cooking. I have two cats and they help me feel loved.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Mia89


    Hi Suria! I feel the same way—I can’t really use my real life friends for support. Hence why I’m here. It sounds like we may have some common interests. I also love art and cooking, and I’m a teacher. Your situation sounds so hard. I would love to connect as friends if you need someone to chat with.

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