So Ive been on my ADHD meds since I was 6. And now im dependant on them with no chance of coming off of them. If I miss a dose, I get seizures and cant function. I have no history of seizures and now I fear missing a dose. My doctor told me I'll probably be on it the rest of my life. Its frustrating depending on a little pill to keep me functioning.


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  • neoncrusader


    Wow, I've never heard of having seizures from missing a dose of a stimulant. Have you thought of slowly titrating down the dose until you can get off of it?

  • mergasm


    I have tried that a couple years ago and it caused severe insomnia and hallucinations and I had to go to the ER after 5 days. That was just lower the dose. Ive been on the same dose for 15 years and my brain developed on it ig

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