hi, I have been experiencing repeated episodes of anxiety when I go to bed each night. I have been diagnosed with cancer, and even though I am sure anxiety is normal, it is driving me crazy. lol... any suggestions?


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  • wheelsnfeels


    Try adding some calming practices to your nightly routine! Maybe do some guided meditations, maybe drink a nice warm camomile tea, maybe some calming white noise to focus on, maybe take a relaxing bath instead of a shower (or shower with the lights dimmed and some candles lit), maybe do a face mask, you could even get yourself one of those hand held body massagers as a nice treat, things like that! Give yourself something to focus on as you dose off so that your mind can’t wander off and spiral into that anxious place. Whether that’s background noise, being extra tired from spending the last twenty minutes pampering yourself because you deserve it, or simply taking the time to meditate, it’ll occupy your mind so that it physically can’t wander off and get anxious.

    • jerrielyn


      I agree! It really helps. I know it's middle of the day but I'm gonna go make some chamomile ice tea that sounds so good

  • SassyMouth


    I listen to sleep podcasts. Helps me alot

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