What’s the best way to deal with your emotions? How do you express them better? Everything comes out in anger, and it’s making me feel like shit. I’ve slowly ruined my one good relationship, and it’s because I can’t let go of past shit. When I think about it, it makes me angry and sad. I just want to learn how to cope with all this. I’m in therapy but see him once every 2 weeks. So it’s not much help when I’m dealing with this daily.

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  • BabyLove


    Expressing n making sure your validating ur own feelings, having talks in your head about situation u feel upset about or venting to ppl can help you prepare so it doesn't all come out, if you have healthy copeing or intetests hobbies keeping those up regularly or when your having a hard time as a go to, I have a mood disorder and if say I'm a really sensitive person so knowing this my emotions are always going to come out strong n last longer then I want but knowing possible trama n ptsd are common triggers n figuring out why n what triggers u can help process, healing is a start! I have never been able to cope like how it's displayed in common activities I'm 23 now n disovering the most random things are helping me when I'm upset and frustrated I'd look into other things that are less common relaxers most ppl use I think sum ppl are unique in what helps relax n tame our emotions

  • BabyLove


    And if that person loves you they will have enough empathy to understand your situation I understand how u feel n possibly when we feel we're messing up were not it's just our anxiety and not being able to be on safe spaces with ppl from out past

  • haylo


    Totally agree with everything else here. Validating your own emotions and venting I find can really help regulation of emotions sometimes, but other times when it's worse I like to use the coping mechanism of walking. Just taking a walk or separating from situations to think about things can help. I can't be of much help, but these are things that have worked for me. Just a lot of validation and thinking through things. This might be a common answer, but I also try and understand why I'm sad or upset and if there's no apparent reason just letting yourself relax or validate the thoughts or feelings I find can help. Hope some of this is if some help :) best of luck to you

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