you ever just at your wit's end with your pain? I had nasuea which turned to vertigo which turned to a migraine w nausea and vertigo other day, and after a point I just felt overwhelmed and was like 'nope, time for this to be done, I'm done with it!'.... like I had any kind of say in the matter. (I did not.)

and now it's this stupid hip/ low back/ enter right side of my body pain.

like it eases up sometimes and I'm like 'oh, yes, I can walk reasonably (at a slow pace) and not for very long, this is fine and not strenuous' then for whatever reason my body is like 'bwuaahahaha, bed for you! and limping! for days!' as punishment for trying to do things people twice my age can do. (I'm 35)

anyway. this is bs. eff all this.

anyone tried like anesthesiologists for pain? or sympathetic ganglion nerve blocks?

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  • kat32


    Absolutely feel you on being at your wit's end with pain. Sometimes it is so overwhelming and I can have an anger associated with that feeling. I can't speak on the treatments for pain that you listed, but I hope that you are able to find something helpful to you. You are not alone in feeling that way.

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