has anyone brain aneurysm and have problems after it. it put me bad depression and anxiety and PTSD


Anxiety (Including GAD)

Cerebral Aneurysm

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  • SuzySuzy


    Hi, my brain aneurysm ruptured 2 years ago. I lost vision in my right eye and have horrible anxiety. I hate being alone. I was always an independent person who enjoyed some alone time. Not anymore! I lost some friends. I try to hid my anxiety and not talk about it. I think that just makes it worse.

  • Sansan


    Only issue I noticed was memory loss

  • Svj


    Yes its made all my depression and ptsd and anxiety very high

  • Rainshine


    Yes. I am in EMDR therapy and it is helping me heal.

  • 1sabella


    Are you not taking meds for clotting

  • LukeWeber


    A near death experience stays with you forever. I just had an aneurysm surgery a few weeks ago and I can’t even sleep at night now.

  • Svj


    That did that to me to

  • Svj


    After 3 of brain bleeding i very bad depression and anxiety and ptsd

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