I've been on Adderall XR and Sertealine for about four years now with little to no side effects. Now, out of the blue, having not changed anything about medications, diet, or lifestyle I'm getting horrible heartburn-like symptoms whenever I take them. I don't understand why, I take them with food and literally nothing's changed in my routine recently.
Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea how to fix it?
I already take my meds with food and have tried adjusting the amount of food I eat and the times I take my meds, but it hasn't helped.
Alternatively, do you have any advice on counteracting heartburn like pain or avoiding it?

Thanks so much,


Chronic Heartburn



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  • GaPeach01


    Try taking it with some milk if possible and/or an acid reducer either night before or morning of and give it time to work before taking Adderall and sertealine.

  • Medicanomaly


    Any chance the pharmaceutical manufacturer changed? There are certain generic manufacturers that I can’t take, because the side effects are awful. * Not all generics are the same* they don’t have to disclose everything on the inactive ingredient list.. and I’m having problems with getting the right manufacturers because of them also being part of the opioid lawsuits.. also, for me, certain dyes give me heart burn, to where I think my heart is failing.. hope this helps.. someone..

  • Claude03


    Could it be unrelated to the meds?

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