I have internal hemorrhoids I believe. does anybody have any recommendations? I just bought hydrocortisone suppository



Abdominal Distention

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  • Mommabear74


    Yes that work really good! Try the Preparation H witch hazel wipes if they bleed or get itchy!

  • Gilya


    🤗🤗🤗 I worry what if something else is wrong or what if they never go away😥

    • Nan71


      I know what you mean. I too worry about it. I know for sure it’s hemorrhoids for the pain is unbearable. What are your symptoms ?

  • Under_Water_Weaver


    I got a bidet and it’s been a life changer! You put it on your toilet and it helps release when you’re constipated. It prevents pushing which ultimately leads to more or bleeding.

    • Mommabear74


      best investment for this condition, pricey but worth it!! I do t have one myself but have used my grandmothers when I lived there now I just have a handheld which is not as good at all! But maybe someday I’ll be able to afford one!

      • Under_Water_Weaver


        they are about 20-30 on Amazon. My husband installed it for me.

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