Does anyone else feel a lot of guilt around not being able to work? How do you cope with it?


Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Greeny


    I absolutely do. It’s rough! I just remind myself that I don’t have to provide a service to be worthy. So many people in my life are worthy without needing to have a job, so why not me? Just existing is enough and the things that I bring to the table are a plus!

  • bookbikecat


    Yes, lots of guilt and frustration. especially cause my spouse is also disabled and has no other choice but to work thru pain and illness so we can survive

  • HeavenMyway


    Yes and No, because yes I feel like it puts alot on the shoulders on those I love, I often get lonely or left out. Then No because in reality who wants to work their life completely away, there's more to life than we a doctrined to believe, not working give me time to learn and focus on myself, so it boils down to it, is I feel bad that my partner can't experience the freedom as I can,

  • JustRachelle


    Yes I feel guilty because my husband is bringing in all the income for us.. even though he’s okay with it it stills bothers me.. and I’m saying he’s okay with it because even when we got married he wanted me to choose whether or not I wanted to work.. I always did .. but not I’m to a point where I just can’t and it bothers me because I’m someone who has always had big dreams and was very productive …

  • Bubbles0301


    All the time, on top of having this condition I'm pregnant and I find it super hard to be able to move around or stand for too long. My significant other works so much and it makes me feel horrible even when he tries to reassure me

  • Dragonrollz


    Oh man I still struggle with this! My biggest mistake is comparing myself & what other people are doing everyday mixed in with judgements of “looking fine” but it’s more of reminding yourself that you’re doing the best you can & if you felt good enough to work, you would ~

  • Uniquely_Me33


    I am involved with the bill process so when it comes time to pay them and I have nothing to contribute I cry. When I'm told we're 3 checks behind til caught up I jus wanna go work but I can't even put shoes on I hurt so bad

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