My name is Hannah and I was recently diagnosed with BPD. I have never met anyone else with BPD so I always feel alone in my diagnosis. I want to meet new people and make new friends. If you’re interested in getting to know each other, leave a comment!

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • cjness


    I would love to! PM me. I am always an open ear and an open book and an open heart. Once I consider you a friend, that stays, no matter what.

  • nikkibritt03


    I will

  • Femalepotato


    Me too ✋

  • Zoinks


    I have BPD, too, I'd love to share experiences/interact! :)

  • Mosspossum


    I was recently diagnosed with bpd and am currently doing research to better understand it. What helped me to not feel alone in my diagnosis is to explain to my loved ones what bpd is. Some took the initiative to research bpd as well.

  • AriJuda



  • carterspade


    I have BPD as well! I'd love to chat.

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