Hey guys. Im a freshman in college and I have lost so much weight this year. I get so nervous to eat because I’m scared it will trigger my stomach to go crazy and there’s only community bathrooms. Also I have severe anxiety and for some reason the noises that my stomach makes triggers my anxiety cause i’m scared everyone can hear it and then it makes it worse. I have IBS-D. Does anyone else’s IBS connect super closely with their anxiety?

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  • NewYork


    Yes, my IBS gets worse when I’m anxious. I only eat small meals through the day and I eat the same thing pretty much every day. I really love avacado toast right now.

  • looneylunaa


    Yes I experience what you’re going through. I also eat small meals, because I worry if I eat big meals my stomach will go crazy.

  • Blair_Waldorf


    i definitely relate to this. like others said eating small meals helped me and you should reach out to see if you can get accommodations for housing with private or suite style bathrooms. also scheduling my classes back to back if possible so i wouldn’t have to worry about being so anxious about eating and how my IBS would respond for the rest of the day

  • Tyler_Diecast


    Yes, you are not alone! Sometimes even a sudden pain in my stomach will trigger an anxiety attack, just because I’m scared I’m going to have a flare up if I’m out in public!

  • Hannah12


    Yes, I can't eat because I'm afraid it'll get worse.

  • BeeBear33


    Oh my goodness friend! I’m sorry I’m late to the party. I’m actually currently going through the exact same issue. I’m on a meal plan this year and everything I eat makes me sick. So I’ve developed a lot of anxiety around eating too and lost a lot of weight. I started talking with a therapist about this along with my anxiety. The communal bathrooms are also a huge sore spot for me. I feel nervous and embarrassed. I know for me I do better when I go home which makes me hopeful this will pass. Will you be able to have a kitchen and more secluded bathroom next year? I’m currently just trying to make it through because sophomore year I get a kitchen and bathroom I only have to share with my roommates who understand my issues. Also sometimes what helps me is finding a bathroom that is not my own floors to go on with a stall that’s farther away from the rest. Other than that just stay strong. I’m right here with you ❤️

    • KTwombs


      Awe it’s so nice to hear that I’m not alone, I completely understand everything you’re going through! I try and find individual bathrooms and that has literally been a life saver. Next year I move into a different dorm but i’m not sure if they have the individual ones. Thank you for all the tips, we got this. Wishing you all the best❤️

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