does anyone else who experiances migraines also get headaches so easily? ive stopped taking advil or having any caffeine because my doctor said it causes rebound headaches and now i just take my migraine cocktail, but i still get headaches really easily, especially because my eyes are so sensitive, i have glasses to help but i still find myself getting headaches that turn into migraines just from moving my eyes around or watching any type of movie or edit or video game that moves the screen around too fast or transitions too fast, its so annoying that i have to be careful of what videos i watch because of it and its gotten so bad i can barely play video games (and if i do i have to down the controls alot) and i cant look up very well like moving my eyes up in my head or to the ceiling hurts and causes a headache. i also always feel like i have a 1-3 pain level headache just constantly and so i never know when to take my migraine meds cause they say to take them once the headache starts but how do i do that when my head always hurts??

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  • Hollywood27


    I get migraines all the time like that but haven’t really found the right treatment but I get them everyday.

  • Coffee_hound


    Agree with MoonMagic. I take my “migraine med” Fioricet only when it’s a bad one. The rebounds are horrible, you just have to wear them out. My only other option is Tylenol, I take the rapid action one. I can’t take NSAID’s (Advil etc) because of Crohn’s Disease. I also have chronic facial pain, think from a dental implant/nerve damage, which is pretty constant. Learning to live with it and just push on is my goal.

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