What has your celiac journey looked like?


Celiac Disease

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  • Lolita


    It began 14 years ago. I’ve lost many pounds and suffered from diarrhea and many stomachaches. Because I have IBD in my family then Crohn’s was suspected. Then I chose on my own to stop eating gluten, and all of my complaints were gone. Today when there are so many gluten free choices, it’s much easier to be someone with celiac

  • addilyn


    right before corona hit, i began to not eat as much (loss of apatite) then in december i started to rapidly loose weight. no one really noticed till april of 2020 though, i started getting hypoglycemia episodes, i was horrible constipated, i would poop like once every 10 days. then finally after several months of this, i got lab work done and my antibodies were up, i never got the endoscopy done bc i couldn’t afford it at that time but they diagnosed me with celiac and i’ve been gluten free sense:)

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