hi guys!!! i have some questions for the people with digestive problems (will include vomit talk heads up!):

i found out around july that my esophagus is pretty inflamed, and recently my gag reflex and nausea has been through the roof. i can’t even gargle mouthwash without gagging, when before it was very easy. i gag when i cough, i gag when i smell something strong, i gag when i take too big of a gulp of something, so on.

it hasn’t gotten to the point where it is detrimental, aka i’m not losing weight rapidly, im still eating, and actually vomiting is rare, it’s just been really really annoying haha - but i’m wondering if this is chronic symptoms of an inflamed esophagus or if it is something different.

if this is normal and i’m stuck with it, please give me tips on how i can regulate this nausea and gag reflex!!

Nausea and Vomiting



Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

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  • Insomniastic


    Nausea, Zofran, you need to see an ENT doctor and endocrinologist for the other things

    • everythingbagelstan


      i didn’t know that an endocrinologist would be able to help with this kind of thing! thank you for the info :) as for zofran, i am unfortunately on a medication with bad interactions w it, but at this point i am considering stopping that med to restart zofran because the nausea is so rough 😞

  • Kiwis


    that sounds awful op, I'm sorry you're going through this )-: I just read what you said about the zofran which is what I take regularly. I would say if the medicine you're taking that's preventing you from having zofran isn't actually helping you in the way it needs to, I'd 100% choose zofran over it if youre able. I can't live without it myself, it's the only thing (other than when it gets really bad) that helps. I prefer the 4mg odt because the taste of it dissolving on my tongue (it's not overwhelming) actually kind of comforts my brain knowing relief is coming soon. also as far as your esophagus being really inflamed, an endocrinologist can definitely help out, but a gastroenterologist will help you know whether it would be wise to get an endoscopy or not/how to proceed from this point!

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