Does anyone else with anxiety experience nightmares about pregnancy when they have no plans to become pregnant? I constantly have dreams I am pregnant. It scared me at first, because I am in an intimate relationship with my partner, but despite a negative test, I have continued to have these dreams for months.

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  • peachpulp


    mine are specifically about giving birth. It’s always terrifying. my bf and I have been together for 7 years and he’s sterile because of chemotherapy so I have no way to become pregnant and I don’t ever plan to but I have them quite often and they’re scary!

  • Trudie_tootie


    I have in the past. 💕 Sometimes freaky stuff sometimes feel serious and scared the heck outta me.

  • Rahja


    It's interesting you brought this up, cause I have been experiencing dreams like that for some months now. They started about 3 or 4 months ago, but they aren't very frequent. With me it's a highly complex and frustrating type of subject to dream about. I absolutely want children, but I'm not very excited about giving birth to one. As a child and young teen, I was certain I'd only ever adopt. As I got into my late teens and early 20s... idk what tf is going on with my thoughts and reproductive system. I'm not in a relationship and have never had sex, but I am continously over time fantasizing about "what if I did have sex and end up pregnant" and "what if I do find a partner but my indecisiveness drives a wedge between us?" It's the most frustrating thing to be caught up about, because I can't say I don't wanna have a baby, then turn around and say I do... just to not be happy with my decision. Once that child is in the world they're here to stay. So yeah... in short I'm weird asf and can relate to having dreams about pregnancy.

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