Have you ever been told that you were rude as a result of a disorder related behavior?

Social Anxiety


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  • Emo_Enby_99


    Autism hooman here! I absolutely DO NOT make eye contact with anyone, and only recently started looking kinda over the shoulder as a way to fake it. When I was a kid I would constantly get told how rude I was and was accused of lying for the simple fact I couldn't make eye contact.

  • Lewy


    Yea, people say I’m judgmental and aggressive but I’m really just having a lot of suppressed emotions in me that won’t blossom into what it needs due to depression, trauma, insecurity

  • Sethie


    Yeeeep, I’ve been down my path. My ex girlfriend actually cursed me out for having a hard time socializing and trying to take a break so I could calm down a little when I was meeting her family. Other than that probably just attention and hyperactiveness people don’t really like from me.

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