Anyone care to share their experience with Botox for migraines?


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  • soctiny


    it works I know that my insurance wouldn't take it anymore so now I have a cocktail that my doctor gives me. definitely helps

    • Henry99


      a cocktail? What do you mean?

  • soctiny


    a mixture of meds my Dr prescribed to me sorry for confusion

  • Shane


    I was just about to ask a similar question. I hear good things but was actually wondering where folks may have gotten their shot. I hear in the actual forehead and then I hear folks getting it in the jaw. I’d love to hear what worked best.

  • JoBanana


    I tried it once years ago, but it didn’t help me. I have a fairly high pain tolerance but I was almost in tears after having it done. And after I didn’t feel much change in frequency/duration of the migraines. This was just my experience though, it can help for some people. I’d say if you’re in enough pain it doesn’t hurt to try 💕

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