I was prescribed a medication today with is primarily prescribed for ADHD, which I don’t have, or have not been diagnosed with anyway. I have Bipolar, Borderline, anxiety and PTSD and fibromyalgia. The medication is Atomoxetine 40mg to take in the morning. I have other psych medications which I don’t know if he saw what I take or not. I am concerned if it’s too much, and if the ADHD med is even right for me to take. I think he did say it would help with the brain chemistry…

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  • faerywyrm


    I don't know if it will help. Meds are a cocktail mixed until right. Maybe try it for a month or two and see if it helps. If not, you and your Dr can reset.

  • Betty_Boop


    I’d recheck with Dr to make sure he knows what your already taking!

    • Teardrops


      I did. The next morning before I took the Atomoxetine. I sent an email or message via the portal listing my medications. I got a call back and advised to stop a few of my medications such as Quetiapine XR and Trazodone and I went ahead and stopped one I was already tapering off of.

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