i hate when people who don't have ocd call the disorder a gift. like they have no idea what it's like and would rather romanticize something instead of process that a loved one is struggling. obviously people with ocd should try to love themselves and there's benefits to the disorder like being more understanding but i feel like loving yourself and someone without ocd calling it a gift are completely different things. it undermines the persons experience and takes away their voice when they're asking for help.

anyways i'll be taking meds and doing everything i can to get rid of my so called gift lol

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


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  • benjamin0000


    also if someone with ocd wants to call it a gift that's great, it's just when people without it decide to ignore someone's struggles that pisses me off

  • div


    I felt that, it almost like they forget about the part that you absolutely have to do it. Its not just perfectionism, its so so so much more

  • moonman


    God this is how i feel when people say autisem is a gift

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