huhh, not sure what to write here. i'd like to be called rabbit! i got this app bcs there was this meme a while ago that talked abt this very thing (matching with people of similar illnesses) and i was like Damn. Prophecized.

question for the systems, How difficult do you find it to find a therapist who is NORMAL about system things, or even a therapist who is specialized in dissociative disorders at all? for me, most of them seem to be old fashioned and odd. i was wondering if thats a shared experience

also, favorite type of bird? :D

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • bonemarreaux


    Hey! Find a therapist that specializes in trauma! Most trauma specialists will at least be slightly informed on DID related things. Also try to find one that is willing to learn new things if they aren't super well versed. In your first session, don't be afraid to straight up tell them about the DID and what you want out of therapy. If they can't handle that, they aren't right for you. Fav bird is a snowy egret, I'm so glad you asked. :)

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