I find that living with chronic illnesses can be overwhelming and lonesome. So finding those that relate, would be huge for no me.

How do manage your symptoms outside of medication? Love to balance western medication and holistic

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • picklepuddles


    I love to balance the 2 as well! You're right that it can be kinda lonely. And definitely overwhelming. I'm still working to find what all works for me. I have yet to try any specific medication for the fibro. I struggle with anxiety and depression, too, so I just make sure to practice a lot of self care. Listen to my body. Allow myself rest. And grace. So much easier said than done haha. But it's my biggest tool right now. That, and having a community of people who remind me that I'm not alone 😊. Other than that, I just do my best with keeping a workout routine (yoga works best for me!) and watching what I eat. I am also currently getting physical therapy, which is helping a little when I remember to do my exercises lol. I would like to work in regular massage once my finances allow it.

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