I’ve had sleep problems since I was bout 13. Maybe even before then because I remember my parents always asking why I’m still not asleep after hours. I would try so hard. Now it’s so bad I’m going to bed one day I can’t sleep all night til 10am then waking up at 6pm and the next day going to bed at 4pm and waking up at 9pm to stay up the rest the day. Then the next day I sleep all day or not at all. This has been a regular thing since I can remember. Even doctors have tried me to get on sleep meds. I won’t take them they make me feel so weird. And I have more nightmares.

Persistent Insomnia



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  • AppleJuice


    i’m having the same exact problem

  • ZappyRacc


    Do you have any issues with ADHD? I was looking at some research last night that attention deficit disorders are very often comorbid with sleep disorders, and sometimes doing things to address one will help the other. It does make sense; the most common "medications" adults use for ADHD are nicotine and caffeine, which briefly stimulate dopamine activity in the brain and make a list of tasks able to be broken into pieces and addressed in order. One study even found longitudinally that melatonin use was helpful in reducing ADHD symptoms, suggesting attention problems and sleep disorders could potentially be a "chicken vs egg" scenario.

  • StreetRat2.0


    Yes I do actually. That makes sense how you just explained it. And it’s funny I mostly cope is nicotine, Smeed, and caffeine

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