How do I stop being so alone. I don't know what to do anymore.
All of my friends are dating someone. They're all happy with their partners and I'm the only one who's single. My parents keep shutting me up the moment I tell them that I feel lonely and want to date someone so I just keep everything to myself.
I've been downloading apps for dating and finding friends but I'm such a loser I'm never interesting enough to anyone. No one wants to get to actually know me. To my friends I just exist. I'm just someone out there. Never interesting enough to anyone.
I'm thinking about taking my life. I'm just a nobody in everyone's life. I'm never getting better and everything is against me. I don't even know why I try anymore.

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  • Asteroidrose


    im so sorry you're experiencing this. And im not sure if you've been told this 100 times or not often enough but you're not alone. I'm listening to your pain and i am so sorry that people don't appreciate you like they should. If you need anything im here ❤️

  • Gwen71


    I'm sorry to hear that your parents don't want to hear your problems.As for your friends,text them that you are feeling down and you need to talk in person. PLEASE, be very careful on those friend and dating apps.because there are a lot of people who take advantage of other people.Find so something you like doing or try to learn a different language or a hobby.

    • Asoingberg


      I'll try. I just don't want to burden my friends because they're always so busy. I might delete those apps sometime soon because everyone on there is annoying me and they're weird

  • Sincerely


    I'm a pretty woman. But I'm strong and smart too. So females don't like me because and I have no friends. Guys like me, but not everyone is interested because I have an STD. But even before guys know I have an STD, they still don't approach. I don't know why. I'm middle aged and lonely, I wish someone WOULD ask me out. But they just don't. People want stupid whores in their lives. I don't know what's wrong with people. Smh

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