Is there anyone else out there who spent their pre-teen and teen years so preoccupied with their health that they never got the chance to develop normal social skills like how to go about dating someone? I mean literally like how to even talk to someone and show that you’re interested. I feel like I’m years behind everyone I know and it’s frankly embarrassing in a lot of situations when I get together with my friends and they start to share their stories. They never try to make me feel bad but I feel like it’s so glaringly obvious when I just sit there silently.


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  • AeL


    Me! 100% this! I got sick when I was 11 and was in and out of school until I was about 18 when I basically gave up because going made me too sick and my county didn’t seem to care enough to find a solution. I don’t really have friends, the couple I had when I got sick faded away and any I made in between faded because I didn’t know how to have friends. I feel like I have no social skills and am incredibly awkward. I just figured out/came to terms with my sexuality and for the first time in my life I want to date, but I don’t have clue how to. It’s like everyone else has programming that I don’t- it’s natural for others and is completely blank for me.

  • EDSdancer


    I still get really angry sometimes about how missing school has messed up my education. Like I didn’t get to do a whole year of biology in high school because I missed a year, but I’m literally a biology major in college.

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