Lumbar stenosis here…
Pending L2/L3 fusion…
How was mobility after surgery?
Did you “handicap” your residence?

Spinal Stenosis

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  • Fid


    You will be receiving physical and occupational therapy @ your home. Your mobility will improve over time. No, I did not do any modifications to my home. I believe you will do fine, and I don't want to alarm you. I, unfortunately, caught the shingles while in the hospital. It was never diagnosed till I got home, even though my only discomfort after surgery was @ my buttock, the area where the shingles developed. Therefore, I highly recommend you receive all your shingle vacation’s prior to surgery for shingles often accur when your immune system is compromised. Lastly, I developed urine retention, resulting in self-catheterization for 2 1/2 years and most likely for the rest of my life along with neuropathy to both feet.Again, my situation was an exception to the norm. But, make sure you get your shingle vaccines up to date .

    • TiredOfHurting


      I am good on the shots. Supposedly, my surgery is outpatient. For now, it is just L2/L3. But I have issues with L5/S1 and the SI joints.

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