My PMDD has been acting up very bad the last 2-3 days. I’m about to start my period and I’m on full rage mode and sad and want to crawl into a pit 🥲 I was brain foggy at work and couldn’t function.. can anyone else relate?

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  • Rosemaryjane


    Sounds like you need to clear your head and give it a break. I can def relate. I recommend doing this breathing exercise u can find on youtube: Wim Hof guided breathing meditation (should be ~11 min long) Meditation and breathing exercises are great for giving your body a break and boost of oxygenation. Take time to reflect on the things that are bothering you, and embrace your emotions. Every emotion is valid, but we must manage them correctly so they dont take over us. Dont be too hard on yourself when dealing with this, our hormones could be bitches! But we are always in control. Go out into nature, I luckily have a park nearby but it really helps boost your mood and get some refreshing air.

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