I’m just starting cymbalta to help with depression and fibro. Any huge side effects?



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  • Fifi


    No side effects for me at all!! I started for the same reasons :) I started on 30mg, then the effects started to fade, so I recently upped to 60mg. I highly recommend, it’s been working well for me. Much love and good luck 💕

  • Fifi


    I was worried about side effects, for I’ve had a lot in the past with other medications, but none with Cymbalta.

  • PondWater


    not for me. i haven’t gotten a whole not of relief from it but it hasn’t been negative either

  • hmmmm


    i haven't noticed any side effects from my cymbalta. it helps my depression but not really with my pain. i know it does work for some people though.

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