Is there a specialist I should see?


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  • BabyBunny


    When I was first diagnosed I saw my family doctor but then I was referred to a hematologist.

  • Bridget


    I have chronic anemia and see a hematologist now after several years of no effective iron treatment. I get iron infusions periodically. I’m off of them now and go back in a few months for lab work to see where I am and hopefully I won’t need them but he will keep an eye on my blood work in More detail than my PCP did

  • MomOfBoth6


    I was first seen in the ER. I was taken for chest pains. But turns out I was 0.2 away from needing a blood transfusion. But no idea where the blood went because I hadn't lost any. Then I saw my primary and she referred me to an oncologist. Who I see once every 3 months. Why would they not refer me to a hemotologist?

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