I went on vacation for 5 days and just got back on Friday. Since coming back I’ve been in a bad flare up. The pain comes and goes with how extreme it is, but there’s still pain all the time. It’s mainly my legs and lower back, the muscles are very tight. Stretching too much hurts and I don’t like taking medication.

Fibromyalgia (FM)


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  • Kitty23


    For me, I know when I use a lot of energy or leave the house for a long period of time I definitely flare up badly. Barring stretching and medication (which I totally understand), have you found baths help at all, if that's an option? I especially find them helpful when I use a CBD bath bomb— CBD doesn't do anything for me when I ingest it, so I'm not a huge promoter of it like many are. But topically, it seems to provide me some relief.

  • Kaymarie


    I use cbd pain cream, but it only helps so much. I also feel that it doesn’t help me much if I ingest it unless it’s a lot. I’ll try the cbd bath bombs though. Thanks

  • bluedragon


    Is there someone there then can massage your legs?? Sometimes blood flow isn’t great and it’ll help!

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