How did you become diagnosed with lupus?

Skin rash

Generalized pain

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • Pretty_Nora


    I had rashes and joint pain for months before someone suggested SLE.. How did you?

  • Lolita


    My pcp “collected” all my problems and the specialists I went to, and he immediately understood when I have

  • polyani


    Dermatologist said the rash I had on my face looked like lupus after countless doctors visits trying to figure out what was happening when I was younger. Visited rheumatologist and they gave the diagnosis.

  • Benisha


    Urgent care said that I have the symptoms. I went to a dermatologist and then they sent me to a rheumatologist

  • katerikat


    i had fatigue and pain for several years before they figured it out recently

  • karinad


    Hi! I made a discord channel for those specifically with autoimmune conditions to help each other out. you can join here:

  • emilie_b


    we finally made the connection after years of fixing problems as they came. we went to my doctor and got a referral to the rheumatologist my mom sees. he did a bunch of x-rays and told me that my current diagnosis is JRA but it is beginning to look like lupus I just don’t have the proper markers yet!! 🤍

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