I want to just like, type out everything bad that’s happened to me, just like, a huge vent post, but would that be like too much over sharing? I mean like a master post where I just air out everything, just get it all out of my system yknow? Idk if I should

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Gender Dysphoria

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


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  • Eren2273


    You can share everything you need to here! Nobody will judge you for venting here, this app is for health after all. You don't need to worry, you should do it if you want to!

  • Sav7242


    I would read it 💅🏻

    • Cursednoodles


      probably gonna post it tonight, have fun lol

  • ZappyRacc


    If it would be helpful and healing for you to type it all, have at. Be mindful of where you SHARE it, though. You can actually share it here as well, but one thing my therapist taught me is how cathartic it can feel just to write a letter to someone you never send, for example.

  • TheLonelyPhrawg


    You dont gotta worry. the people who got this app know what kinda people who would be in this app and prolly wanna do the same💕💕

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