Hi everyone, I used to be a competitive runner before my chronic pain started. I wasn’t getting proper treatment for the past few years because doctors kept telling me it’s fibromyalgia, now I’m on steroids and methotrexate and my pain is almost entirely gone. I’d love to try running again and wanted to know if anyone has any tips or experience with running/training with arthritis?

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  • spookyspoonie


    Make sure to take your time with it. Don't expect your body to do what you used to- it'll cause burnout. Make small goals while building your indurance back up, because it'll be easier to injure yourself now. Compression socks could help with pain and mobility. If you have unstable joints in your legs, KT tape could be helpful during runs as well.

  • Flow


    Thank you! I still have a long way to go in terms of strengthening my body and getting the treatment I need for my knees but hopefully one day soon I’ll be strong enough to start

  • spookyspoonie


    I hope you're able to get to where you want to be! 💕

  • Maria_Braco


    I got both of those exact same medication they gave for rheumatoid arthritis!!! The predizone (steroids) just made up morbidly obese , which made it worse on my poor diseased joints!!! I was in a catch 22 when it came to figuring out a good cocktail that’ll help everywhere and not have such bad flair ups!! I recently moved across the United States, I have zero medical insurance!! I got a job right when I got here in my new state and I was doing great, but about once a month, I would call in sick!! I made it very difficult on management to scramble for someone to cover my absences!!! My best friend told me that I should begin applying for disability and she’ll carry us. She has three autoimmune disorders, but she’s not as physically incapable of working as I. I can’t find any type of insurance that costs me zero, because I’m making zero $!! California has this thing called “medical” almost everything has no charge. Dr. Eye Dr. prescription!!!! You name it, it’s free. I’m in Tennessee and getting anything like California’s medical, is like 1-1,000,000!!!! So I went from biweekly injections of humor. and for a good two or three years with steroids (I doubled in size!!!!!) and I was taking methotrexate for around 3 years!!! I would also please be taught how to publicly post a question on this site!! My first day on this app

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