Ive been dealing with back pain and muscle spasms so I put a menthol patch on my back. After like 2 minutes I was nearly doubled over in pain. It felt like someone took a hundred needles from the sun and put them all on my back. Anyone with fibro/CRPS (or any nerve pain in general) deal with this? I dont remember this happening before

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  • ChemicalX


    Yup! Fibro! At least for me. But i also feel like that every moment i open my eyes. 😥 there will be random needle severe burning pains in parts of my body that literally cripple me, I can barely crawl when it happens.

    • notmia


      yes! Its awful. Thanks for your help

  • Ellith


    Yes, fibromyalgia is awful. I've noticed cool sleeping temperatures and lukewarm baths help the most when I'm in a flare up.

    • notmia


      epsom salt baths have been a lifesaver

  • A2li


    Make sure you’re stretching out slow and steady, keeping those muscles moving will help you not feel even more weak.

    • notmia


      will do! Thank you!

  • CoffeeAndDogs


    It is possible you have a sensitivity to topical menthol. I once tried using IcyHot which contains menthol and immediately broke in an inflamed, red, burning, painful rash. I avoid menthol on my skin now. Could just be a weird Fibro overreaction to new stimuli.

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