Hello, I have recently been experiencing tightness and spasms in my neck underneath my jaw, particularly my right side. Just this morning I noticed some of the pain in my neck seems centralized around what I can feel is some type of small lump/cyst. I also have a wisdom tooth coming in on that side of my mouth and I have seasonal allergies that flare up around this time of the year. Have you experienced anything similar? I'm not sure if it makes sense to see a dentist or doctor or both?

Chest pain

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  • loveshespoke


    I'm sure everything will be fine, but make appointments with both. See whoever is available first and see what they say.

  • bomb


    i’d try both

  • wise


    The thing you're feeling in your neck is probably a swollen lymph node, which makes sense given the wisdom tooth/seasonal allergies combo. they're painful to touch but otherwise generally harmless. look up where all the lymph nodes in your neck are and if the lump isn't in one of those spots, see your GP. they can at least tell you if it's a dental problem

  • Jimothy


    Appreciate you all!

  • MidwestGirl13


    Gosh it’s been such a long time since I had wisdom teeth come up. But I do remember that the neck area where they are coming was sore. Tender I would say. And if you seasonal allergies (like I have all my life) then my throat always feel tougher from sneezing and coughing. Hope this helps a little bit.

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